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13 Knots by Sharon Knight

In our society, women are particularly inclined to support almost any alternative approach to the mystic and the spiritual that may come along, not because women are more gullible than men, but because established patriarchal religion continues to deny women access to creative decision making on spiritual issues.  The official morality is not women's morality.  The official theology does not spring from the feminine spirit, but continues to deny the full importance or divinity of that spirit.  Women who feel themselves drawn toward the spiritual side of their nature, then crave new ways to apply their inner feelings to daily life.  Without fully articulating their reasons, even to themselves, they find the rigid theologies of patriarchal gods incompatible.  So they look elsewhere.

Many women find some measure of spiritual authority, or at least, permission to develop a personal belief system--in various branches of occultism and shamanic magic.  Therefore, it is especially necessary for women to consider carefully the ideas presented by crystal mysticism and related subjects, keeping in mind that as women, they might be particularly vulnerable to exploitation by irrational systems.  Women not only need a skeptical attitude toward "revealed" religious patriarchy, they also need a skeptical attitude toward the more modern self-styled authorities who use female yearnings and spiritual needs to further their own fortune.

Wicca is a religion for free-thinkers, but it is not always fun and games.  It requires a lot of studying and hard work.  I take Wicca seriously and expect all of my students to take it seriously as well.  Wiccan concepts may be difficult to understand. It is easy to become frustrated and simply log off-line or give up entirely, but with perseverance and dedication you will learn. Do not be discouraged.  I encourage my students to follow their own heart and create a path that is unique to them.  I do not expect my students to try and fit themselves into a preconceived mold, even if it is Pagan.  I do however expect my students to acquire knowledge of different paths and religions because this knowledge builds social interaction skills.

Wicca may not be the right path for everyone and that is okay.  There are many different paths and traditions associated with Paganism, just as there are many different religions.  If you decide that Wicca, Paganism, or any form of non-traditional religion does not feel right to you, then by all means, keep searching. 

Merry Meet, Merry Part,
and Merry Meet again.

Notice to Parents and Minors!

Notice to visitors: Beginner Wicca 101 Course is now open. The others are still closed until further notice. I apologize for the inconvenience. ~Lady D.

The following classes are available online.

Wicca 101--Beginner

Wiccan or Witch?
Coven or Solitary?

Magical Supplies

Self-Dedication Why Cults Exist Candles/Color Correspondence
Choosing A Path Attraction of A Cult Herbs
The Pentacle Identify A Cult Leader Incense
Hidden Name Church vs. Cult Oils
Your Altar A Personal Story Stones
Working Tools
Practical Magic
Athame/Bioline/Sword; Amulet/Jewelry Familiars Yule
Bell; Candle Ritual Attire Imbolc
Besom; Incense Book of Shadows Ostara
Book; Ink/Quill The Elements Beltane
Parchment; Oil Ritual Basics Litha
Cauldron/Chalice/Pentacle/Thurible Wiccan Rede Lughnasadh
Crystal; Poppet/Spell Bag Spell Casting Mabon
Staff/Wand; Robe Lunar Magic Samhain

Intermediate Lessons

Stones (Currently 141)
Herbs (Currently 2,000)
Mineral properties Cross-reference of Common, Latin , and Folk Names
Location Location and description of plant
History of use and folklore Plant Chemistry
Magical Properties Medicinal uses
  Other uses
  Magical properties

Advanced Lessons

How to make the Working Tools
Religion and Philosophy
Athame/Bioline/Sword History of Paganism Introduction
Ceramic mold, Metal casting Literature & Doctrine Atheism/Agnosticism
Besom Secret Societies Buddhism
Stylus/Scroll/Book making Ceremonial Magic Catholicism
Cauldron/Chalice/Pentacle/Thurible The Burning Times Confucianism
Synthetic crystal making History of Wicca Druidism
Staff/Wand Gerald Gardner Gnosticism
Amulet/Jewelry Gardner's Literary Influences Hinduism
Candle making Post-Gardnerian Wicca Islam
Incense Pagan Reconstructionism Judaism
Ink/Quill Religious Rights Paganism
Methods of oil extraction Chronological Timeline Shamanism
Paper making   Shinto
Poppet/Spell Bag   Taoism

Expert/Professional Lessons



This course will conclude with a lesson on psychology, ethics, and the legal issues involved with tarot reading.


Each lesson will include a full-size scanned image of the card

that you can print on heavy card stock and use to practice with. 

Please choose which deck you would like to learn.



Rider-Waite--78 cards
Old Path--78 cards
Medicine Animal--44 cards
Sacred Path--44 cards
Joy of Relationship--64 cards


Also included in this course are the spreads that are used with each deck. 

Some decks use more than one spread so each spread will be

taught separately at the conclusion of the corresponding deck lesson.


Medicine Animal

Sacred Path


Celtic Cross Pathway Corn Stalk Card of Day
  Medicine Wheel Sun/Moon Pair of Day
Sun Lodge Four Directions Triangle
Moon Lodge Tipi Diamond
Butterfly Peace Tree  
Earth/Sky Sacred Mountain

More to come.....

Anyone under the age of 18 may not apply without written parental consent.  Contact me for details.

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